Single Family Office Day - Early-stage venture investing and its changing dynamics


Invest Europe and INSEAD will be co-hosting the Single Family Office (SFO) Day, the day prior to the start of the Investors' Forum. Please note that SFO Day is an invitation-only event and attendance is strictly restricted to SFOs. To be pre-qualified for attending the event, please complete this form. All applications must be reviewed to assure alignment with our defined entrance criteria. Do not book travel or hotel until you receive notice that your registration is confirmed.


The Single Family Office Day and Dinner are colocated but separate from the Investors' Forum. Registration for the SFO Day does not include registration for the Investors’ Forum, or vice-versa. Registrants for the SFO Day who are eligible to attend the Investors' Forum will be contacted by the Invest Europe events team to finalise registration for the Forum.


The agenda is currently under development. Please contact Anne Castre at to request additional details, suggest a speaker or have any questions.


Agenda - SFO Day 2019, 26 March, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva


13:30 – 14:00   Registration


14:00 – 14:05   Welcome by Michael Collins, Invest Europe Chief Executive


14:05 – 14:15   Brief individual introductions of roundtable participants


14:15 – 14:25   Introductory comments by Nenad Marovac, DN Capital & Invest Europe Chair 2018/2019


14:25 – 15:05   Presentation on Early-stage venture investing by Prof. Claudia Zeisberger, INSEAD


15:05 – 16:05   GP Panel: Perspective on VC investing, moderated by Prof. Claudia Zeisberger, INSEAD

Christoph Jung, General Partner, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures
Kamal Hassan, Partner, Loyal VC
Mike Reid, Managing Partner, Frog Capital


16:05 – 16:15   Coffee break


16:15 – 16:45   Presentation on Observed Trends by Prof. Claudia Zeisberger, INSEAD


16:45 – 17:45   LP Panel: VC investing from the perspective of Family Offices, moderated by Prof. Claudia Zeisberger, INSEAD


17:40 – 18:00   Wrap up


18:00 – 22:30   Networking Cocktail & SFO Dinner