Why Attend?


The Investors' Forum features elements to enhance the LP experience including:

  • Closed-door LP-only sessions with a speaker faculty of fellow LPs, allowing for a candid discussion among your peers without commercial interruption from intermediaries or fund managers
  • Desktop and mobile-based networking platform to better manage your schedule to meet with other delegates

There are 40 complimentary hotel rooms available for institutional investors. Keep in mind that we have over 200 that attend this event. To claim one of these complimentary rooms, register early to begin the institutional investor qualification review. Once approved, we will confirm availability and book the hotel room on your behalf. Please note: the complimentary rooms are pre-booked directly by Invest Europe. We will not reimburse you for rooms you book directly.


Past Attendees


With a strict ratio of 1 LP to 1 GP, here is a sampling of last year's attendees. For the full list click here.